North Shore Bank is a federally-chartered mutual savings bank headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Founded in 1923, North Shore Bank serves consumers and businesses through 44 offices in eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. With over $1.9 billion in assets and $244 million in net worth, the bank is considered “well capitalized” according to federal bank regulations. Below you find our 2018 Statement of Condition Report. The report is published annually at the bank’s fiscal year-end, which runs from October to September.
Statement of Condition
September 30, 2018 (In Thousands)


  Cash and Investments $268,432
  Loans Receivable 1,575,292
  Federal Home Loan Bank Stock 4,170
  Premises and Equipment 48,289
  Other Assets 53,830
Total Assets $1,950,013


  Deposits $1,646,957
  Borrowed Funds 0
  Escrow 21,275
  Other Liabilities 36,795

Net Worth

Total Liabilities and Net Worth $1,950,013



Statement of Operations
September 30, 2018 (In Thousands)

Interest Income

  Interest on Investments $6,181
  Interest on Loans 64,171

Interest Expense

  Interest on Deposits $6,833
  Interest on Borrowed Funds 21
Net Interest Income $63,498

Non-Interest Income

  Service Charges and Fees $12,970
  Gain on Sale of Loans 1,454
  Other 1,337

Non-Interest Expense

  Salaries & Benefits $36,196
  Occupancy and Equipment 10,104
  Advertising and Promotion 2,612
  Data Processing 3,265
  Other 9,984
Income Before Taxes 17,098
Income Taxes 7,741
Net Income $9,357

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